1000 Books Before Kindergarten


Print a copy of the keepsake brochure

To participate:

  • read with your young child
  • color a shape for each book read
  • come in to receive a sticker from the library for each page of 100 books
  • put a sticker on the fish at the library for each page finished
  • complete 1000 books and receive a book as the final prize

Why read to your young child?

To share the love of books right from the beginning, of course, but the science of brain development also has shown that sharing books with very young children accelerates synapse connection, strengthening  the links your children will need for later learning.

The building blocks for learning to read include simple things you can do at home with your child: Read, Talk, Sing, Play, and Write.  Interacting with words using books engages almost all the senses (taste? - board books can be yummy!) as they hear the words spoken or sung by someone they love, see the pictures and words on the page, and touch and turn the pages of the book.  All these reinforce the pathways that your child will use when they read for themselves later.

The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten project encourages families to begin reading to their youngest members early and often.  Here in Door County, we are giving out a small keepsake brochure for you to record your progress in reading those 1000 books (at only one book a day, that's less than 3 years) and offer the gift of a book for your home collection when you finish. 

Participation is easy: Read with your young child.  Read together year ’round: daily, at bedtime, while waiting, for a bit of a snuggle together, any time!  Log your reading in the free booklet, available at all branches of the Door County Library.  Personalize your booklet with a family picture! The books can be from home or the library, and the same book can be repeated many times. (It’s fun to read your favorite books over and over!)   Every time a book is finished, color in a shape in the booklet.  When a page of 100 books is completed,  come in to the library to choose a sticker for your page, and put a sticker on the fish on the wall!  As you read, keep a record of your most favorite books  by listing them in the back of the booklet.  There is no time deadline to this reading project.   The idea is to instill a love of reading in your child, to spend enjoyable time together and to have fun exploring the world of books.  The library is happy to help with book suggestions and reading ideas.  When your family has read 1000 books, bring the completed booklet to the Library and get a free book to keep — your book number 1,001!  Congratulations!