Read to A Four-Legged Listener

Say Hello to our dedicated crew of Four-Legged Listeners!

Igloo                     Mocha



Nellie BlyAmos Packer Fan

Nellie Bly                 Amos 

Junior Joins Sister Bay Readers


The STURGEON BAY Library has reader dogs             Barley, Mocha or Igloo ready to listen to young readers each week!      Join us on Thursdays from 4-5pm in the Children's Department.

SISTER BAY-LIBERTY GROVE is where you will meet Amos, a loveable Packers Fan, or possibly his buddy Junior, who is a small but dedicated book lover.  Thursdays June 1 - August 31 10:30 -11:30am

EPHRAIM is the place to go to meet up with the intrepid Nellie Bly. Saturdays at 10:30am June 24, July 29, August 26


What is "Read To a Four-Legged Listener?"

All across the country, kids are reading to dogs.
These friendly listeners encourage kids
to relax and enjoy the activity of reading out loud.
Now, kids in Door County can participate by reading at the Library too.

Door County canine listeners are Amos, Nellie,
Junior, BarleyIgloo and Mocha, who are
registered Therapy Dogs.
Children can bring their own book,
or choose one at the library.
They sit with the dog and read aloud
(or tell the story if they are pre-readers)
for 15 minutes.

Stress-reducing Bonus: The dogs love to be                   petted while they listen;
which is great, because petting dogs
is relaxing to the petter too.