Sister Bay/Liberty Grove - A Poet’s Garden of Verses: Poetry Writing Workshop

Join us in the Gardens at Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library for A Poet’s Garden of Verses: Poetry Writing Workshop from 10am –  3pm.

Participants should come prepared to write and may anticipate a number of directive prompts.  (While a pen and paper notebook are acceptable, an electronic notebook is recommended.)  Bring your own sack lunch to be eaten in the library garden.  The afternoon will conclude with an impromptu reading in the garden.  

Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a teacher and writer who has given workshops students and for adults.  His poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies, and has earned recognition in writing competitions. (Photo by Peninsula Pulse)

The workshop is limited to the first 15 participants who register in person or by phone at the library (920-854-2721), and while no registration fee is required, a donation to the library fund is encouraged. 

Part of the Summer Reading Program:

The Workshop:

Introduction by Jones and a reading of a couple of his poems.


1.  If I were a (something) in a garden, I’d be . . .

2.  I am a (color) garden . . .

3. A walk in the library garden to find inspiration that will result in a poem focusing on sounds and literary sound devices; and/or a haiku.

4. A recollection of a childhood memory involving a garden, the focus of the poem on irony and ambivalence.

5. An examination of an illustrated book on gardening looking for the inspiration to write a poem a that uses figures of speech to relay sensory impressions and experiential associations.

6. A recalled trip to a garden in fiction, film, song, revisited not literally, but through imaginative flights of fantasy.

7.  What kind of gardener are you?  Vicarious, arm chair, too busy, organic, orgasmic, moral, profligate?

8.  Poet’s choice: the prompt you wish you had been given!


Final thoughts along with publication suggestions.

A reading of each poet’s best poem in the library garden, with encores if time permits, and an invitation to bring the poem to an open mic at a Wednesday evening Dickinson Series poetry reading at the Ephraim Unitarian Church.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 - 10:00am to 2:00pm