Sister Bay/Liberty Grove - Meet the Jewelry Artist Talk

Chord Jewelry

Have you seen the July display case exhibit at the Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library and wondered how Chord Jewelry is created?

Join us to learn more with the jewelry creater and local artist Tracie Hoffmann. 

Chord Jewelry was created to bring new life and purpose to used guitar strings but has evolved into much more than that. Repurposing used guitar strings and parts from local artists in Door County and Brown County into jewelry, pieces can be appreciated by artists, musicians and all music lovers. She also creates custom memorial jewelry for people from guitars of their loved ones.

Being a Registered Nurse for nearly 15 years, Tracie has always been crafty and looked for ways to reuse just about anything. Inspired by her travels to music laden cities like New Orleans and Nashville, she decided to bring something new to the music lovers right here in Door County and the surrounding areas. 

After the presentation, we will be doing a bracelet giveaway among those who attend. Attendees will receive a ticket to enter in the drawing, as well as opportunities to earn more throughout the evening.  A winner will be selected at the end that night, selecting a bracelet of their choice as the prize.

Part of the Summer Reading Program, Libraries Rock!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 5:30pm