The Science of Sound

Sound Waves

Join Dawn VandeVoort, UW-Extension 4H Youth Development Educator, for a hands-on exploration of sound.

Washington Island - (Tuesday) July 10 - 10:30am

Egg Harbor - (Wednesday) July 11 - 10:30am

Forestville - (Wednesday) July 11 - 3:00pm

Sister Bay/Liberty Grove - (Tuesday) July 17 - 10:30am

Sturgeon Bay - (Thursday) July 19 - 1:30pm

Science of Sound Additional Resources:

National Geographic Kids – Science of Sound Video Series:  Short videos to explain how sound is made, how your ears work and hear sounds and hands-on sound exploration activities

Wisconsin Public Television/PBS Learning Media “Sound Vibrations”

Homemade Guitar:  Learn how to make your own guitar from recycled materials around the house!  Strum away on the rubber bands to make your own music!

Straw Kazoo:  Using a basic plastic straw, explore making sound and how the length of the straw impacts the sound

Exploratorium (San Francisco, CA) – Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception:  They have an online exhibit featuring the Science of Music

Steve Spangler Science – Pop Bottle Sounds:  A fun hands on experiment to explore sound using items from your home!