Baileys Harbor and the Ridges Sanctuary

Baileys Harbor
The Ridges Sanctuary

The Family Discovery Trail at The Ridges Sanctuary is available June 10 through October 21 from 9am to 6pm, and is free when you sign up for the summer reading program at the McArdle Branch of the Library in Baileys Harbor. Look here for Trail Maps.

Family Discovery Trail—Summer Reading Program 2017

Children’s Literature- Along the trail our Discovery Libraries feature books for families to read together in the beauty of nature. Enjoy the books and please return them to the appropriate station when you’re finished.

The Ridges is pleased to partner with the McArdle Library and the Door County Summer Reading Program featuring a StoryWalk® - a fun, learning experience as families hike and read pages from a children’s book placed out along the trail. To register for the Door County Summer Reading Program, stop by the McArdle Library. Open Monday 9-4, Wednesday 12-8, Friday 9-4, and Saturday 9-2.

2017 Story
A Whiff of Pine, a Hint of Skunk: a Forest of Poems
By: Deborah Ruddell and Joan Rankin