Space Science: Water Water Everywhere!

Earth  Image Courtesy of NASA-JPL


Water Water Everywhere!

Presented by
Kathleen Toerpe, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador

For Early Elementary Children

Washington Island - July 3 10:30am
Sister Bay/Liberty Grove- July 10 10:30am
Sturgeon Bay - July 12 1:30pm
Egg Harbor - July 18 10:30am

Look at a picture of our Earth. It is a planet full of life-giving water. Water gives life to every living thing on Earth - including us! In fact, we are mostly water! But water is also found in many places across the universe - on other planets, on moons, and in the murky birthplace of the stars called the Interstellar Medium. Take a water tour of the universe with us as we explore the galactic importance of water and how tracking down the water in outer space might help us learn more about our water here on Earth, and might even help us find extraterrestrial life!