Space Science: Seeking a Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 


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Hide-and-Seek Sun: What is an Eclipse?

For Preschool and Early Elementary Children

Sister Bay/Liberty Grove- July 11 10:30am
Egg Harbor - July 12 10:00am
Forestville - July 26 3:00pm

stages of the solar eclipse

Did you know that something special is happening to the sun this summer?  Come join us as we learn more about that bright orange ball in the sky!  Why is the sun orange?  Why is it so hot?  Why do we burn in the sun?  And, why is the sun playing hide-and-seek with us this summer in a strange event known as an ECLIPSE?  We'll see how this fascinating event happens, what it means, and how to safely watch it all!

Eyes on the Sun: Eclipse 2017

For Late Elementary/Middle School and up

Sturgeon Bay - July 13 1:30pm 

what is a solar eclipse

August 21, 2017 will bring a total solar eclipse across many parts of the US.  Here in Wisconsin, we'll only see a partial eclipse, but through the eyes of NASA, we can get an up-close look at what happens to the sun when the moon gets in its way!  Come join us to get the scoop on the sun and its many spotty moods and flare-ups, and learn some tips on how to safely watch this summer's sunny spectacle!

Interactive NASA Eclipse Simulation

NOTE: Local latitude and longitude are needed to use the simulator. You can search online for these coordinates. For example, Sturgeon Bay latitude and longitude are 44.8342° N, 87.3770° W


NASA Eclipse Video for Older Kids

NASA Eclipse Video for Younger Kids

NASA - Tracing the 2017 Solar Eclipse